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Moving Long Distance

TransCanadian Van Lines takes all the stress out of moving by offering great storage and packing services, tips and supplies for house and company moving across Canada and the US. We are your one-stop-shop for moving supplies including cardboard boxes and packing paper. We aim to assist you or your company in reducing the cost of storage, moving and packing supplies by offering you the benefit of using our services.

Partial or complete packing services TransCanadian Van Lines : We handle with care!

Our packing service is greatly appreciated by our customers because it liberates them from such exhausting work. A professional packing service will bring additional fees to the moving costs but in turn will save you time and effort should you opt to do it yourself. The packing services can be very affordable if you pack some of the boxes yourself and leave the most fragile and/or delicate items to us. A Partial packing service can be done through an hourly rate plus the cost of materials used. A complete packing service consists of our team packing and wrapping all items.

Below you will find a brief description of the packing material being used.

Cardboard boxes, packing paper and other moving supplies for your house or company

TransCanadian Van Lines offers companies and residential clients cardboard boxes, tips, packing paper and storage service across the USA and Canada from any of our branches including:

  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Quebec City, Quebec
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Vancouver, British Columbia

Our packing, storage and moving professionals can offer you packing supplies and services so your move across Canada or the United States is as smooth as possible.

Start packing for your move across the USA or Canada with the list below

Start packing with these great tips and find out what supplies you need as well as the type of box required.

  1. Make some time: If you’re doing your own packing, make sure you give yourself enough time and plan carefully. Careful planning and packing will save you time and money.

  2. Packing Supplies: Chose the right packing supplies in order to make sure your household goods arrive at your new house or company without damage. Buying the right supplies will save you time and energy.

  3. Packing Major Appliances: Packing your appliances for moving the correct way is important, or you may find them not working when they arrive at your new house.

  4. Packing an Essentials Box: Prepare an essentials box, which is a box full of items that you’ll need for your last few nights in your old house.

Contact us for more tips on packing and moving across Canada or the United
States of America.

Packing supplies and moving services for 25 years

TransCanadian Van Lines provides the following supplies and services when
moving to any location in Canada or the USA:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing list
  • Packing tips
  • Packing paper for moving

Call any one of our branches in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver or Fredericton and leave all the planning to our professional movers.

Moving Long Distance

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