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Can you transport my animals along with my personal belongings?+

The short answer is no.

The long answer is that we don’t have the equipment to take care of your pets. Your pets will have a better journey if you bring them with you. If you intend to go to your destination by plane, train or bus, please inquire to your transporter if you can bring them with you. A short ride in an airplane cargo hold will be more pleasant for your animals, than a long trek in the back of a moving truck, especially in the dead of winter.

I have not yet received the keys to my new home... Can you store my belongings for a while?+

Sure. We offer a variety of storage solutions in most Canadian cities.

I am not satisfied with the service, can I be reimbursed?+

Every company is bound to have some criticism one day or the other. A company’s reputation shall not be based on the critics of it’s clients, but on the way a company respond to these critics.

If you have an issue with the service, or with the billing, please contact us. We’ll do our best to answer any questions and resolve any issue that may arise. Our pride is based on the quality of our consumer care.

Since we are brokers, we do business with several subcontractors. If we’ve had a severe issue with a subcontractor in the past, we won’t do business with them anymore, and we’ll do our best to repair any wrong they may have caused.

Do you cover the furniture?+

Yes all furniture is packed individually using specialized cover for the removal. We place plastic covers on the mattresses and sofa.

Do you cover the floors?+

 Yes, we have "floor runner". Blue carpets suitable for placing on floors to avoid scratches and or dirty carpets to the floor.

Is the time of the move fixed?+

We always give a 2-hour delay due to road conditions. For example, if we mentioned 8:00 am, that means we will be at your place between 7:00 am and 9:00 am. But naturally, we will try to arrive as close as possible to 8:00.

Is my price guaranteed?+

As a general rule, local moves are made on an estimated number of hours, long-distance moving on estimated weight and moving on estimated volume. Since the times, weight and volume are only measures that have been estimated based on the list of your effects, we can not guarantee unless stated otherwise. However, our tools and experts are very reliable and in general we are able to properly evaluate the costs.

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